Wondering What Kind of Paint to Use for Paint-Grade Moulding: Our Advice

July 21, 2015

Painting is not just as simple as going to the hardware store to pick up paint. You have to consider the surface and type of painting project that you are undertaking. If you do not feel comfortable painting your house your self then hire Paint Contractors Dallas. If you are wondering what kind of paint to use for paint-grade moulding consider our advice below. admin-ajax (38)

  • If you are going to paint your walls and mouldings, paint the mouldings first.
  • If the mouldings have a high gloss finish you will need to sand them. Proceed with the first coat of primer. No matter how many coats of paint you use, without a coat of primer, color will show through the moulding, particularly if its a dark or wood-stained color.
  • After the first primer is dry, apply a second coat of primer to the moulding surface.
  • After the two coats of primer, you are ready to apply the paint.
  • Note that you shouldn’t pull off painter’s tape immediately after you are finished painting the mouldings. Wait until the paint is dry to the touch and use a razor blade to avoid pulling up the new paint with the tape.

Check out our paint grade moulding collection and contact us for more tips on modifying moulding for your design projects.

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