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Art For Everyday Inc. is a designer and manufacturer of architectural woodcarving that creates high quality, timeless woodcarvings, providing innovative design details to designers, architects and cabinetry companies. Driven by a commitment to originality, we offer our clients a selection of 1,200 ready-to-ship products as well as our unique ability to bring design visions to life with custom carving capabilities. For us, your input is key to many of our creations. Our products encourage creative freedom by allowing our clients to compose their own custom combination’s using the finest materials and uppermost standards of craftsmanship. Our staff is passionate about the blend of art and architecture that encompasses all our products. This, we demonstrate through our dedication to quality, our continuous innovation and our desire to facilitate our clients to evolve their own designs into truly special arrangements.

Our Quality Story

Our carvings are made from solid wood blocks giving every final piece not only an aesthetic advantage for colour matching, but a structural advantage as well. Our colour matching process is very precise and efficient as we only cut from small amounts of blocks at a time. Woods include nine core species such as Maple, Cherry, and Alder. We use the best hard maple in the world sourced from environmentally managed forests in North America. Exotic woods are imported to accommodate special requests.

Our Clients

Art for Every Day has more than 10,000 businesses as their clients. Principally our clients are members of kitchen design industries but we also cater to interior design and architectural firms. Adhering to our exceptional delivery standard of five to seven days for 95% of our products means our clients get their design faster, particularly when compared to the industry standard of six to eight weeks.

Our Master Carvers

At Art For Everyday our experienced, international wood carvers respond to the designer’s vision with traditional or contemporary architectural carvings that are elegant, functional and lasting. Decades worth of knowledge are ingrained on each piece, their attention to detail and expertise facilitate in making Art For Everyday’s collections synonymous with world class quality. Custom design is part of our repertoire. Our dedicated team will make your projects come to life, creating custom pieces that meet your specifications. No matter how unique or intricate your project, we can make you vision a reality.

Our Facilities

All our manufacturing is performed in our 50,000 sq ft. facility located in Toronto, ON Canada. It is here that we employ the blend of the latest woodcarving technology with the hand touched care that each piece is given by our master craftsmen. Our 3,000 sq. ft. showroom is open from 9 am to 5 pm EST. It is here that you can see our full line of architectural woodcarvings products on display.

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