Celebrate National Reading With Some Floating Bookshelves

July 21, 2015

Floating bookshelves refer to bookshelves with internalized brackets, which serve to create the impression that the bookshelves are suspended in the air. Once ornamented to the taste of the homeowners, floating bookshelves can serve a range of uses, while fitting into all manner of environments.

Eclectic Living Room by New York Photographers via Houzz

Eclectic Living Room by New York Photographers Chris A. Dorsey Photography via Houzz

Please consider these methods for using floating bookshelves with architectural woodcarvings in the home:

  • Other than books, floating bookshelves in the bedroom can also be used to hold pictures and other personal possessions so that nightstands can remain clear of excess clutter.
  • Floating bookshelves can serve to channel attention to the places of the homeowners’ choosing. For example, floating bookshelves placed right above the bed can make for a striking visual, so long as the bookshelves are high enough to pose no threat to incautious heads.
  • Putting multiple floating bookshelves together can make for a stronger impression than each one on its own. An even placement is a powerful image of order, while a staggered placement creates interest without being random.
  • In certain locations such as the bedside, floating bookshelves can be used to replace desks. Keep in mind that extra loads need extra support.

Please contact us at Art For Everyday about installing floating bookshelves.

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