USA: 1 (866) 850-2680 CAN: (416) 645-5120

Q. My client has requested a very specific piece; can you design and create it for me? A. Definitely, custom designs are very much a part of Art For Everyday’s repertoire. We can consult, design and carve your piece according to your required scale and specifications.

Q. How long does delivery take? A. It does depend on the piece, but we do adhere to an exceptional delivery standard of five to seven days for 95% of our products. This is considerably quicker than the industry standard of six to eight weeks.

Q. Is there a minimum order I need to make? A. Absolutely not, we pride ourselves on our attention to our clients regardless of the size or quantity of their order.

Q. Can I come and view the pieces in person? A. Yes, our 3,000 square foot showroom located at 420 Canartic Drive, Ontario is open from 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday. Here you can see our full line of architectural wood carvings on display.

Q. What is the easiest way to download your designs? A. The simplest method is either go to the product page where you can download the 2D CAD drawing or to go to the download section where you can download our catalogue in DWG or PDF formats or alternatively follow the link to order a print catalogue.

Q. Does your wood carving extend to purely ornamental pieces also? A. Our designers and master craftsmen’s artistry and years of expertise mean that they are adapt at crafting your vision. However large or small, intricate or grandiose, if you can dream it we can create it. Call 1866-850- 2680 or email to arrange a consultation today.

Q. What are the ranges of woods you use? A. We principally use hard wood from premium, domestic, North American forests. There are nine core species that we use including Mahogany, Cherry, Maple and Pine. We also import rarer species such as Jatoba, Ebony and Zebra wood from Africa and South America to accommodate special requests.

Q: Do you design storm shelters?

A. We do not, though if you live in the south, particularly in ares that have frequent tornadoes we recommend contacting this tornado shelters Texas company.