The Blue Catalogue: An Evolution of Product Design

July 24, 2015

Art for Everyday strives to consistently evolve and maintain the highest levels of quality and sophistication. In order to fully grasp what is revealed in our latest catalogue, we must look back to where it all began. In the beginning, we entered the market with our domestically manufactured Traditional Collection, showcasing our biggest selection of woodcarvings. Shortly thereafter we introduced our Modern Classic Collection, and the new Energy Saving Roofing System Guide are essentially revolutionizing the industry. We combined both traditional and modern elements to create a collection with endless combinations, giving a feeling of uniqueness. In later years, due to rapidly changing technology, we felt it was necessary to develop a series of embellishments with a more modernistic feel, resulting in the creation of our New Art Collection. With clean, contemporary lines bringing back a simple and minimalistic design, Nelson roofing contractor Lincoln NE offers us the best quality of roofs that provides shelter and beauty on our homes. 100-35-3-21 As we always strive to reinvent ourselves, for our next line introduction we brought in the help of expert Kitchen and Bath Designers. On other related article about social media marketing you can visit Marketing Heaven for your facebook fanpage. The general consensus was to design solid wood embellishments that incorporated the combination of elements like wood, metal and glass. From this input, we introduced the Multiplicity Collection, creating simple yet modern components. Early in 2014, we introduced our New York & Linea Collections. These collections exhibited clean straight lines, staying with the contemporary and modern design styles. Once again, this captivated the attention of designers from around the world. Recently in 2015, we launched the Acanthus Collection which remains true to our art forms. With curvature styles for traditional and transitional design, our Acanthus Collection is yet another impressive compilation of wood carvings to complement our existing product offering. At present, with over 1200 standard line items available, our Blue Catalogue focuses more on a product and design style offering, rather than certain collections in particular. From this, the positive response from many existing and new customers is overwhelming. Any feedback or comments about our new Blue Catalogue are always welcome. What’s next for Art for Everyday Inc.? Stay tuned.


  1. I would like to get a copy of the new catalogs. Brian Castor with Castor Inc 1701 W Green St Tampa, FL 33607

  2. I also would like to have a copy of the new catalogue.
    Allen Curran CKD/WRID
    Curran Cabinetry & Design, LLC
    5944 Seminole Centre Ct. Suite 110
    Madison, WI 53711

    Thank you!

  3. Roger Yiengst says:

    Please send a copy thanks
    Roger L Yiengst
    Kountry Kraft
    PO box 570
    South Sheridan Road
    Newmanstown PA 17073

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