Art for Everyday Helps Push the Boundaries of Creative Design

July 24, 2015

When American Standard announced that they would celebrate the DXV Design Panel on a stage near the new baby-stroller center for it’s second year in a row, the idea of creative design had to be taken to all new heights. This year, Art for Everyday had the pleasure of featuring some of our products in a particular design shoot.  The shoot was inspired by the famous piece of literature, Anna Karenina. Canadian designer Regina Sturrock did an amazing job exhibiting the richness and classical tones derived from the story.

If you look in the photos, we have included our products used in the shoot. Most of these pieces are from our Traditional Collection. This historically inspired collection pays strong attention to detail, which only seems appropriate for a design inspired by the opulent era of Imperial Russia. The dark and moody hues set amid classical motifs gradate to brighter and more simplified renditions of the era as the space evolves upwards. Regina re-interpreted the classic epic love story with a relatable and modern sensibility. It is executed beautifully.

DXV encourages pushing the boundaries of design and architecture, and exposing the talents of designers internationally. So much so, that this idea is carried out down to the last detail and placement. Art for Everyday Inc. is grateful for this exposure and its contributions.

Have a look at some of the other literary inspired rooms here. To access the photos specifically from Regina’s shoot, click here.

To learn more about Regina and her work, visit her website

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