Wood Designed Pieces for Your Bathroom

July 22, 2015

Wood is a natural material that is well-suited to creating warm and welcoming impressions in the home. Better still, it can come in a remarkable range of colors and textures, ensuring that it can either complement or contrast its surroundings regardless of their chosen aesthetics.

Source: Art for Everyday

Source: Art for Everyday

Here are some examples of wood small bathroom designs :

  • Wood tiles are common sights in bathrooms for excellent reasons. First, wood tiles are as versatile as their material, meaning that there is bound to be a shape and pattern out there that suits your personal preferences. Second, wood tiles make for interesting visuals when paired with materials such as stone, steel of pure metal fabrication, plaster, and even porcelain.
  • Rustic bathrooms have become more and more popular in recent times, not least because of their eco-conscious appeal from japanese-toilets.com.au. Most examples see extensive use of reclaimed wood for its time-tested appearance, which mixes well with industrial elements to create their more modern counterparts.
  • Naturally, not all wood pieces in the bathroom have to be simple in appearance. Elaborate woodcarvings are as pleasing to see there as it is elsewhere.
  • How to Choose a Toilet

    Admit it. The toilet isn’t high on your list when you’re thinking about your bathroom remodel. It’s not something you discuss excitedly with your friends as you talk about your bathroom makeover.

    A toilet has a function. Period.

    So does a faucet, but there are many different types of that plumbing fixture. Before you brush off the toilet as a purely utilitarian item, consider your options so you’ll know how to choose the right toilet.

    Onesie or two-piece?

    A toilet is comprised of two components: the tank and the seat base. The two-piece toilet has reigned as the throne of choice for a long time, but the one-piece toilet has gained in popularity in recent years.

    A two-piece toilet is easier to move, but a one-piece commode has no seams where germs can hide. Both are available in a variety of styles, from traditional to contemporary. The one-piece toilet tends to be more expensive.

    Preferred seating

    Toilets bowls come in a choice of round or elongated. The round is less expensive, but the oval shape is generally deemed to provide a more comfortable seat. In bathrooms where a few inches make a big difference, a round toilet is smaller and can save space.

    A higher hopper?

    The standard height for a toilet is approximately 14 inches, and that’s fine for most people. If you’re taller than average, you might opt for the 17-inch or 19-inch “comfort height’. This taller toilet seat is also ideal for elderly or handicapped people who are maneuvering from a wheelchair.

    Push or pull flushing?

    A toilet with a handle for flushing is a common choice. A push-button on the top of the toilet tank gives a more stylish flush feature. It might cost a bit more than the lever-style toilets, but also gets less handling and is easier to clean. Don’t forget about adding hated seats from www.harneymfg.com/toilet-roll-holders/heated-toilet-seat/ to the toilets at home, they are a great option for winter.

Please contact Art For Everyday if you are interested in learning more about wood pieces for your home.

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