Looking to Add Some Extra Flair? Try Custom Dentil Molding

July 22, 2015

Your home can receive a number of benefits from custom molding, including but not limited to both aesthetic appeal and an increase in home value. If you are interested in custom molding, there are a number of additional customizations such as dentil molding that can be used to make your home even more dazzling to the eye.

Eclectic Living Room by Dallas Photographers Emily McCall

Eclectic Living Room by Dallas Photographers Emily McCall

As you may have guessed, dentil molding originates in the Latin “dens,” which translates to “teeth” in English. It is called this because it consists of rectangular blocks spaced using regular intervals, which can give it a remarkable resemblance to its namesake under the right light. Neat and organized, dentil molding is used to lend its surroundings a touch of classical elegance, not least because it recalls the architectural wonders of Antiquity. One of the reasons behind dentil molding’s appeal lies in how versatile it can be. Dentil molding can serve as simple but nonetheless effective ornamentation on common elements such as cabinets and walls, but it can also be used in more interesting manners. For example, dentil molding is sometimes used to accentuate the roofline, of course, given the right roof contractors. Please contact us for more benefits on custom molding.

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