Custom Home Upgrades That Add Value to Your Home

July 22, 2015

Your home is your castle, and adding custom architectural woodcarvings is a time-honoured method of showing off your personality and the things you find beautiful in this world. To that end, there are some elements you can incorporate to make your home stand out in the neighborhood:

Source: Art for Everyday

Source: Art for Everyday

  • Appliques – These are easily applied to molding and around architectural elements you want to bring attention to. They’re a wonderful way to turn the “blah” into the “oh la la.”
  • Rosettes – Inspired by Mother Nature, Rosettes are a simple touch that can be included in every room of the home. Whether you want a traditional rosette or one with a modern flair, they’re easy to match with your existing decor.
  • Corner Posts – The neighbors posts might look plain, but your posts will look unique with the inclusion of some custom carving.
  • Capitals – Columns and posts aren’t complete until they have a matching capital to finish them off.

The team at Art for Everyday is ready to help you upgrade your home and your lifestyle. We invite you to contact our professional craftsman to learn more about the custom home upgrades and architectural woodcarvings we have to offer.

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