Choosing the Right Countertop for Your Carving

July 21, 2015

Creating an ideal countertop experience requires the proper selection of design ingredients coupled with an appreciation for more than just cost-effectiveness. Countertops often set the tone of an entire room, providing the interactive space between cook and kitchen. As such, the correct countertop always satisfies aesthetic, functional, and durability requisites harmoniously. The color and pattern of your countertops should complement the rest of the design motif without simply blending in. A bold, but appropriate, choice creates due contrast and can sophisticate an area. Still, never sacrifice quality because many modern materials — such as quartz — offer numerous advantages. Being naturally non-porous, quartz is simple to install, doesn’t require sealant, and is easy to maintain given that it is stain, scratch, and heat resistant. Some brands include built-in antimicrobial defenses and also look for the GreenGuard certification, demonstrating clean air quality. admin-ajax (4)If a certain atmosphere is desired, luxurious wood carvings can be used to tastefully adorn a well-chosen countertop. To really control the environment and achieve precisely what you desire, consider custom woodcarving, especially moldings and posts. While these options may cost a little more and take slightly more time to complete, the lasting effects of a truly genuine design endeavor are impressive for the duration of the kitchen’s lifetime. When pairing a countertop with custom wood carvings, be sure to recognize how well it is embellished by the deep craftsmanship of hand-carved, primal, decor. For more information contact us at Art For Everyday.

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